About Us

Our Mission

The mission of First Steps to Urban Outreach, Inc.  is to provide, competent, innovative, and quality training to organizations?, businesses, and individuals in the communities in which they serve. We are caring and committed people who have put both professional and educational experience together in order to enhance and optimize community health.

Our Vision

In our responsible and assertive actions, First Steps to Urban Outreach, Inc. will set a pace in which quality training in community health will be recognized as a model program.

Our Values

First Steps to Urban Outreach, Inc.  values closely support its mission. They represent guiding principles and are not separate from our criteria. These values are principles in which we embrace ourselves as well as project onto others.


We take pride in competent and ethical work


We practice and promote courtesy, kindness  and respect for all life


We promote efficiency and effectiveness to all of our participants


We exhibit and articulate professionalism in all our affairs


We practice and promote both,  honesty and integrity in all of our trainings


We demonstrate responsibility and we promote and encourage responsible service delivery


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